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Kirana by Xenophilia-Topaza Kirana by Xenophilia-Topaza
so, yeah, this is my for fun entry for the seventh sanctum warriors and weapons contest, and also, my first evah submission! woo!

generators used:

catgirl generator
weapon generator
quest item generator
Superhero/villain generator


The calm catgirl had hooded yellow eyes. Her white, shoulder length, straight hair is worn in a wild style. She has a feminine build. Her fur is white, with yellow paches on her thighs. Her ears are alert. Her tail is tapering and carried with a curve. Her fashion preferences are best described as “amazon princess”. (This is not exactly word for word, because, if you will believe it, I deleted it twice. but I promise it has the same important parts)


Universal Soul Crystal


And, YES, I am aware that this is a rather sucky picture. This is becuase I drew it on paint. With a mouse. I assure you all*, I am a much better artist than this, and when I get more submissions here you will see that. I'll leave you to judge how much better I am, however :S

*who am I talking to here?


Kirana is a character in a tv show, called Crytal Seekers ((this title is so generic, I figure it must be taken already. So, yeah, don't mean to infringe on copyrights or anything :S)). In Crystal Seekers, the three main characters Rosa, Kasey and Lionel are trying to stop the evil Jasen Darkphage from taking over the world. They have to find all the pieces of the Universal Soul Crystal before he does. The pieces are scattered across the globe, in every imaginable type of terrain. In the second half of the first Season, they head off to the Jungles of the Amazon to retrieve the second crystal piece, after a harrowing adventure in thier hometown, Summer City. Very soon after crash landing their special plane in the midst of the jungle, they meet Kirana, a young amazon princess with a problem. She's going to be married agiansther will to the jerk prince of another tribe. She agrees to help them get the crystal piece, which resides in the huge temple in said jerk prince's city, if they will help her get out of the marriage. In their mission to get the crystal peice, and help out Kirana, she steals a magical artifact from the temple, the Pyrostaff. It turns out Kirana is actually a prophesied "chosen one", the only one able to wield the staff. She uses this to duel the prince for the right to not marry him, and the crystal piece, and wins. After that, she joins the team in thier quest for the Universal Soul Crystal!

Yes, that was a horrible cliched tv show thing, but it sounds plausible. Also, I want to point out one thing which has been bothering me; Kirana's description says she is calm, but her scary grin says otherwise. The answer is this - Kirana is calm as in level-headed, and she is also very friendly. She is smiling in greeting in this picture. that's my excuse.
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June 15, 2011
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